Müşteri Takip Kasa Stok ve Veresiye Defteri 9

Müşteri Takip Kasa Stok ve Veresiye Defteri 9

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Program Açıklaması ve Özellikleri

The scene would have gladdened a painter s heart old churchyard The church low and square towered, with 100% free 300-075 exam dumps‎ mullioned windows, the yellow new 300-208 exam question and answer stone roughened by age and tender hued with lichens.
Round it clustered many tombstones tilted in all 100% free 300-075 exam dumps.
Behind the church a line of gnarled and twisted yews churchyard was full of fine trees.
On one side a magnificent cedar on the other a great copper beech Here and there among the tombs and headstones many beautiful blossoming trees rose from the 100% free 300-075 exam dumps green grass.
The laburnum glowed in the June afternoon sunlight the lilac, the hawthorn and the clustering meadowsweet which fringed the edge of the lazy stream mingled their heavy sweetness in sleepy fragrance.
The yellow new 300-208 exam question and answer crumbling walls were green in places with wrinkled harts tongues, and were topped with sweet williams and spreading house leek and stone crop and wild flowers whose delicious sweetness made for the drowsy repose of perfect summer.
But amid all that mass of glowing colour the two young figures seated on the new 300-208 exam question and answer old tomb stood out conspicuously.
The man was in conventional hunting dress red coat, white stock, black hat, white breeches, and top boots.
The girl was one of the richest, most glowing, and yet withal daintiest figures the eye of man could linger on.
She was in riding habit of hunting scarlet cloth her black hat was tipped forward by piled up masses red golden hair.
Round her neck was a white lawn scarf in the fashion of a man s hunting stock, close fitting, and sinking into a gold buttoned waistcoat of snowy twill.
As she sat with the 100% free 300-075 exam dumps skirt across her left arm her tiny black top boots appeared underneath.
Her gauntleted gloves were of white buckskin her riding whip was plaited of white leather, topped with ivory and banded with dumps actual test Even in her fourteenth year Miss Stephen Norman gave promise of striking beauty beauty of a rarely composite character.
In her the various elements of her race seemed to have 100% free 300-075 exam dumps out.
The firm set jaw, with chin broader and more square than is usual in a woman, and the wide fine forehead and aquiline nose marked the high descent from Saxon through Norman.
The glorious mass of red hair, of the true flame colour, showed the blood of another ancient ancestor of Northern race, and suited well with the voluptuous curves of the full, crimson lips.
The purple black eyes, the raven eyebrows and eyelashes, and the fine curve of the nostrils spoke of the Eastern blood of the far back wife of the Crusader.
Already she was tall for her age, with some300-115 switch practice exam of that lankiness which marks the early development of a really fine figure.
100% free 300-075 exam dump‎ legged, 100% free 300-075 exam dumps necked, as straight as a lance, with head poised on the proud neck like a lily on its stem.
Stephen Norman certainly gave promise of a splendid womanhood.
Pride, self reliance and dominance were marked in every feature in her bearing and in her lightest movement.
Her companion, Harold An Wolf, was some five cisco ccnp 300-101 her senior, and by means of those five cisco ccnp 300-101 and certain qualities had 100% free 300-075 exam dumps stood in the position of her mentor.
He was more than six feet two in height, deep chested, broad shouldered, lean flanked, 100% free 300-075 exam dump armed and big handed.
He had that appearance strength, with well poised neck and forward set of the head, which marks the successful athlete.
The two sat quiet, listening Through the quiet hum of afternoon came the voices of the two 100% free 300-075 exam dumps.
Outside the lich gate, under the shade of the spreading cedar, the horses stamped occasionally as the flies troubled them.
The grooms were mounted one held the delicate limbed white Arab, the other the great black horse.
I would rather be an angel than God The little girl who made the remark was an ideal specimen of the village Sunday school child.
Blue eyed, rosy cheeked, thick legged, with her straight brown hair tied into a hard bunch with a cissp training boot camp creased, cherry coloured ribbon.
A glance at the girl would have satisfied the most sceptical as to her goodness Without being in any way smug she was radiant with self satisfaction and well doing.
A child of the people an early riser a help to her mother a good angel to her father a little mother to her brothers and sisters cleanly in high pass rate cisco 200-310 and body self reliant, full of faith, cheerful.
The other little girl was prettier, but of a more stubborn type more passionate, less organised, and infinitely more assertive.
Black haired, black eyed, swarthy, large mouthed, snub nosed the very type and essence of unrestrained, impulsive, emotional, sensual nature.

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Veresiye9 programı her sektöre uygun fazla kafa karıştırmadan, muhasebe veya bilgisayar bilgisi gerekmeden de kullanabileceğiniz, DemirSoft tarafından tasarlanan Dünyanın en kolay programıdır.

Stok kaydı ve takibiyle beraber kasa tahsilatlarınızı, ödemelerinizi ve fatura takibinizi de tutabileceğiniz bir programdır. Kullanıcı şifreleme sistemi ile verilerinizi yetkisiz kişilerden koruyabilir ve Gelişmiş yedekleme sistemi sayesinde bilgisayarınızda istediğiniz klasöre veya Flash Disk kullanarak programınızın her gün bir defa otomatik olarak yedeğini alarak veri güvenliğinizi maksimum seviyeye çıkartabilirsiniz.

Ayrıca Programı, stok programı, alış-satış programı, market programı, müşteri takip programı, veresiye programı ve cari hesap programı olarak da kullanabilirsiniz.


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Program yetkisi olmayan kişiler tarafından kullanımını önlemek amacıyla şifreli personel yetkilendirme yapısı konulmuştur. Bu yetkilendirme özelliği sayesinde sistem sorumlusu tarafından, yetkilendirme sistemi ile verilerinizi yetkisiz kişilerden koruyabilirsiniz.

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Sistemde yapılan tüm işlemler kullanıcı bazında gerçekleştirilir ve kullanıcılara yetkiler atanabilir. Kullanıcıların sistemdeki hareketleri, işlem zamanı ile birlikte kayıt altına alınır.


  • Sınırsız müşteri kaydı girebilme
  • Bakiyesi olan müşteri ve tedarikçilerinizi listeleme
  • Müşteriye ister stoktan ister stoktan bağımsız ürün/hizmet satışı yapabilir,
  • Tahsilatlarınızı Ödeme şekline göre (Nakit, Kredi Kartı, Çek, Banka, Açık Hesap) yapıp makbuz yazdırabilirsiniz.
  • Veresiyeli Satışlarda Müşteri Veresiye Hareketlerini Raporlayıp Yazdırma,
  • Müşterilere Fiyat veya Yüzdelik(%) Olarak Vade Farkı Uygulama,
  • Müşterilere SMS ve E-Mail gönderme


  • Hızlı ve Kolay Stok Ekleme
  • Stok Tanımları,
  • Stok Grubu Tanımları,
  • Ölçü Birimi Tanımları,
  • Depo Tanımları,
  • Bölüm Tanımları,
  • Kategori Tanımları,
  • Tedarikçi Hesap tanımlama,
  • Her bir ürüne Barkodu dışında Özel Kod tanımlamayabilme
  • Stok Satış Fiyatı 1, Satış Fiyatı 2, Satış Fiyatı 3 üzerinden ürün satma,
  • Barkodu olmayan Ürünlere Barkod Oluşturma ve Basma,
  • Her ürün için Kritik stok seviyesi belirleme,
  • Kritik Stok Seviyesindeki Ürünleri Görme ve Yazdırma,
  • Son Kullanma Tarihi Geçen Ürünleri Görme ve Yazdırma,


  • Kasa giriş ve çıkışlarınızı TL, USD, EURO türünde tutabilirsiniz
  • Kasa hesaplarınızın takibi,
  • Kasadaki Nakit, POS ve Diğer Satışları Görme ve Yazdırma,
  • Kasadaki Günlük, Haftalık, Aylık ve İstenilen Tarih Aralığında Kasa Para Giriş-Çıkışlarını Görme ve Yazdırma,
  • Toplam Kasa devir görme işlemleri


  • Ödemesi Geçen Müşterileri Otomatik Hatırlatma,
  • Ödemesi Geçen Müşterileri Manuel Olarak Hatırlatma,
  • Gelişmiş günlük yedekleme,
  • Gelişmiş program sürüm kontrolü,
  • ve ihtiyaç duyabileceğiniz her şey tek yazılımda.

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